DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Introduces the KLM Nightlight

By Erik Oster 

DDB & Tribal Amsterdam launched a new spot for KLM, promoting the airline’s business class with the new KLM Nighslight, an airplane-shaped nightlight that counts down the days before a parent or other loved one returns from a trip.

It’s a cute concept and DDB & Tribal Amsterdam introduces it well with the online spot.

Opening on an imagination-fueled scenario involving the plane and a room full of a boy’s toys giving it the clear for landing. A bear with binoculars notices the plane still has three lights on, however, and updates the landing status, telling the plane it can land in three nights. The boy’s father then walks in to see him asleep, the toys still set up on the floor. While the spot reiterates more times than may initially appear necessary, it’s understandable given the fact that children may need the extra explanation. For parents traveling business class, it’s a nice touch, and one meant to illustrate that the airline is dependable enough that you can give your little one an accurate return date.