DDB San Francisco, Slim Jim Snap Into Your Grandma and Your Real Estate Agent

By Patrick Coffee 

Randy “The Macho Man” Savage left this sad mortal coil more than 5 years ago, but in June 2014 DDB reintroduced the world to his second greatest line: “Snap into a Slim Jim.”

The latest campaign advertising dried sausage comes to us from the agency’s San Francisco office and focuses on a particular ad concept: the clueless, hopeless bro.

In the first spot (which we did include in a stir post a few days ago), one sassy grandma ain’t takin’ no flack from some dude and his lame Michael Scott jokes.


The second spot “Cops” reminds us that public servants don’t have to be gracious to their colleagues or the people they serve.

Enjoy guessing what sort of gross disorder prompted that exchange.

In “Real Estate,” one incompetent bro helps another try to trick his wife.

Ugh … marriage, AMIRIGHT?!

See, this sort of bro can be trusted to screw up even the easiest task, like writing words in the sky with an airplane.

Here’s the strategy behind the campaign, as explained by the press release:

The four :30-second spots feature guys that are bogged down with the monotony and pressure of real, adult life, a feeling that the Slim Jim target can relate to. But once the men bite into a Slim Jim, they snap back to a simpler time in their life, and are reminded that Slim Jim is a great snack for guys that want to break out of a situation and just be a dude.

These spots advance a theme started by the September 2015 spot below, which “connected the work with the Slim Jim brand because it was so funny.”

For the record, not all dudes are comically incompetent at everything they try to do. But some of the ones who are eventually get famous for it!


CAG Credits:
Jill Rahman- VP and General Manager
Jill Dexter- Brand Director
Adam Beane- Sr. Brand Manager
Kate Briganti- Director of Advertising

DDB San Francisco Creds:
Kevin Thomson- CD
Tor Kologlu- ACD
Justin Stielow- ACD
Lena Barrows- AD
Katie Johnston- CW
Mark Tobin- EP
Kristin Barbour – Group Account Director
Nancy Bernacchi – Account Director
Lindsay Hrack – Account Supervisor
Mark Rovai – Planning Director

Dummy Films
Harold Einstein- Director
Eric Linney- EP

Arcade Edit (Offline Edit)
Dave Anderson- Editor
Gavin Carroll- Producer

The Mill (VFX, Color and Online/Finish)
Alex Bader- Producer

One Union Recording (Sound Design and Mix)
Joaby Deal- Designer/Engineer
Matt Zipkin- Engineer