DDB San Francisco, Qualcomm Not Big Fans of Waiting

By Erik Oster 

DDB San Francisco launched a new campaign for Qualcomm, continuing its “Why Wait” effort from last year with a 30-second spot ending with the same tagline.

“The Date” opens with a man on his way to a date with a woman named Jen reserving parking from his car with the push of a button. “We could just imagine what it would be like for a car to connect to more than the road,” begins the voiceover as he uses his smartwatch to fill the parking meter. As the ad progresses it shows how Qualcomm is helping to shape the Internet of Things through the couple’s use of interconnected devices. “We could just wait for the devices that bring our lives together to connect together,” the ad concludes as they retreat to Jen’s apartment for coffee,” but instead of expecting someone else to make the Internet of Things smart, secure and seamless, we say, ‘Why Wait?'” A tad on the dry side, “The Date” does do an adequate job of showing off the potential of truly connected devices, at least when it comes to date night. The ad is the first in the “Qualcomm Connections Series” of ads and will be followed by “The Festival” and “The Terminal.” Also supporting the effort, which will be promoted through the brand’s social channels, is “Qualcomm Invisible Museum,” a CES installation. 
Creative Agency: DDB San Francisco
Head of TV/Production: Jon Drawbaugh
Designer: Andre Cabral
Chief Strategy Officer: Stuart Hazelwood
Business Director : Kevin Wakefield
Associate Creative Director: Dan Read, Michelle Sjoberg, Aaron Sanchez
Strategy Director: (Associate) Meghan Tetwiler
Project Manager: (Sr) Amanda Gibson
Integrated Producer: Adrian Hernandez
Account Manager: Erin Durbin
Account Director: Meg Graeff

Production Company: Tool
Director: Ben Tricklebank

Post Production/VFX: Speakeasy (in house DDB content Studio)


Sound Design: Barking Owl
Creative Director: Kelly Bayett

Editor: Michael Moore and Joel Hopper