DDB Revives Rob Schneider’s Career for State Farm

By Patrick Coffee 

Here we thought last week’s BBDO Throwback Thursday campaign for Twix would fill our 90s nostalgia quotient for the month.

But a coming campaign created by DDB Chicago to promote State Farm promises to pack in more former Saturday Night Live stars than an Adam Sandler movie.

Here’s the first spot:


Nice to see Rob Schneider get work when he’s not busy blaming Big Pharma for Robin Williams’ suicide.

Unfortunately, the promised Hans and Franz spot is not yet available; only the spot above hit trade pubs today as a teaser for the four-part campaign set to air during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Will the kids remember these skits, or will they be inspired to scroll through old seasons of SNL on Netflix?

(We were hoping for a Stuart Smalley appearance, but Al Franken apparently has more important things to do.)


Client: State Farm

Agency: DDB Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham
Group Creative Directors: Barry Burdiak, John Hayes
Chief Digital Officer: Joe Cianciotto
Group Strategy Director: Gustavo de Mello
Group Business Director: Penn French
Director of Production: Diane Jackson
Executive Producer: Scott Kemper
Producer: Luke LiManni
Director: Hank Perlman, Hungry Man
Editing: Cutters (Grant Gustafson, Matt Walsh, Aaron Kiser, Patrick Casey)
Finishing: Filmworkers (Rob Churchill, Daniel Pernikoff, Derek de Board)

Creative Directors, Art Directors: Kurt Riemersma, Mike Porritt, Andrew Bloom
Creative Directors, Copywriters: Matt Ben Zeev, Frank Oles, Nathan Monteith
Art Director: Chris Bruney
Copywriter: Nick Novich

—Hans & Franz
Creative Directors, Art Directors: Brian Boord, Andrew Bloom
Creative Directors, Copywriter: Chad Broude, Nathan Monteith
Art Director: Chris Bruney