DDB Promotes Getting Your GED

By Michael Musco 

In his latest work for the Ad Council, Biscuit Filmworks director Bo Platt takes us on a visual journey of how barriers can be overcome by getting your GED.

In today’s world, having your bachelor’s degree is the equivalent of a GED, leaving a GED to be comparable to graduating kindergarten. Still, education is very important and if one doesn’t possess at least GED status by the time they reach adulthood, they’re in pretty deep shit.


Most who don’t graduate from high school–aside from people with rich parents who have an empire for their offspring’s disposal–end up becoming junkies, criminals or join the military. People in this recent economy would kill for the jobs portrayed in this spot and a lot of those people will have earned college degrees in some kind of field. GED, HS, BFA, PhD or not, the world is no picnic.

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