DDB New York Touts Sparkling Tea for Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership

By Erik Oster 

DDB New York launched an ad introducing a new line of sparkling teas for the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, a collaborative venture by PepsiCo and Unilever, which also functions as a continuation of Lipton’s “Be More Tea” campaign.

With carbonated soft drinks in decline increasingly health conscious American consumers, the smaller prepared tea category has seen some growth, something the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership is trying to cash in on. “People like carbonated beverages, and I think Pepsi is very smart to try to try this sparkling tea product,” John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest, told AdAge. “Tea is at the sweet spot of beverages that taste good and have some perceived health and wellness benefits.”


DDB avoids referring to the beverage line as “carbonated” (presumably due to consumers associating that word with unhealthy beverages) instead repeatedly using the terms “tiny bubbles” (Did somebody say “Tiny Bubbles?”) and “sparkling” in the ad. Bubbles are shown lifting people up as they enjoy the product, set to a cover of the song “Tiny Bubbles” by American Authors. Linda Bethea, senior director of marketing at Pepsi Lipton Partnership, told AdAge that one goal of the campaign is to create more “more tea-drinking occasions with the product, such as in the mid-afternoon.”

“We know consumers are reducing their consumption of soda,” she told the publication. “And as they do, they are coming to categories like tea and water.”