DDB New York Illustrates How to ‘Get Paid Like a Man’ in Pro-Bono Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

We had never heard of Young Minds for Gender Equality Foundation before today, but the group is real and it has launched a new ad campaign by DDB New York with the ultimate goal of “highlight[ing] the ongoing gender pay gap—one that has barely changed in over 70 years.”

(Self-promotion might have something to do with it too, but you already knew that.)

The campaign’s anthem spot “Get Paid Like a Man” boils the matter down to its essence: people with dicks make more money for doing the same jobs in most industries. “The Business Bulge” offers a new twist on that one.

A woman with a “bulge” is obviously still a woman, but the spot makes its point well. The fact that the official website reads “You’re either here to buy something ridiculous or to complain about something ridiculous” is also funny because it’s 100% true. If you doubt that, just scroll through the YouTube comments on these videos.


The next spot gets a little more serious about the challenge in question.

You will be shocked to learn that most of the people who chose to comment on that video didn’t understand that it was a joke and grew offended at the suggestion that women don’t get paid as much as men even when their responsibilities are the same.

From CCO Icaro Doria:

“It’s a ridiculous solution to a ridiculous problem, and that’s what we want to convey. We are inspired by YM4GE’s vision to empower both young women and young men equally to become the leaders of today. The goal of this campaign is to generate more conversation around pay equality for women in the workforce, help consumers learn more about the problem and find ways to tackle it.”

We don’t know that this project will change many minds, because the root of the issue is just as it’s always been: dudes who feel threatened in some deep, existential way by the very possibility that women might compete with them directly in the workplace.

The campaign, which was produced by Hank Perlman of “This Is SportsCenter” fame, includes several additional social media elements elaborating on the theme.

Here’s some advice for the Jennifer Lawrences of the world:

We would look for supportive responses on social media, but the hashtag #StopDickingAround hasn’t quite taken off…and we generally see Facebook and especially Twitter as portals through which to witness the very worst humanity has to offer every day.



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