DDB New York Celebrates Raw Animal Sex for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

By Erik Oster 

DDB New York launched a campaign for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival built around an online spot featuring a version of Lonely Island’s “I Just Had Sex” re-imagined as a paean to panda loving. (Is “Tainted Love” morphed into “Endangered Love” up next?)

The animated spot shows a post-coital panda quite pleased with himself, and for good reason…the survival of his species depends on it.

It doesn’t even matter that she kept looking at her watch, that she ate bamboo the whole time or that there were people staring.

The campaign also includes print ads, set to appearing in Vice and in the New York subway, which showcase various animal takes on the kama sutra such as the Gorilla Sutra, Sloth Sutra and Rhino Sutra.


Each of the ads features the tagline, “The only thing going extinct is the missionary position” while directing viewers to endangered.love. Proceeds from books, clothing, art and accessory sales on the site will go toward helping save endangered species.

We can’t quite read any of the print work, but the colors are nice!