DDB Johannesburg Isn’t Impressed by Your Car Ads

By Patrick Coffee 

This week DDB’s Johannesburg, South Africa shop showed us the latest in what we might call a trend: a legitimate car ad parodying its own subgenre.

Of course, DDB isn’t the first party to poke fun at the cliches that make up so many auto spots.


Ad student Luke Aker went viral with this one last year:

Team Detroit mocked Cadillac for Ford in March:

…and Funny or Die mocked a different sort of auto spot way back in 2012:

Of course we missed some.

So while this may indeed be “The Car-iest Car Ad Ever” (and one apparently supported by the client), it’s not quite an entirely new idea.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Johannesburg, South Africa
Agency Producer: Rachel Andreotti
Creatives: Simon Keeling, Emile Spies
Director: Tony Baggott
Production Company: Frieze Films
Producer: Saskia Rosenberg
Director of Photography: Peter Tischhauser
Editor: Saki Bergh / Left Post Production