DDB Does Mom/Dad Humor for Breyers

By Patrick Coffee 

As if we needed further proof that 90’s-style R&B is history’s most resilient genre (even when performed by painfully white people), here’s a little skit created by DDB to position client Breyers’ gelato as the kind of naughty treat that mature adults indulge in when the kids aren’t watching.

In order to remind everyone how silly the idea of gelato as a vice really is, the copywriters made sure to point out the inanity of the sad pleasures that parents (apparently) allow themselves to enjoy: HBO and a frozen dessert that contains about 35 percent of the fat of, you know, the real stuff.



Client: Breyers (Unilever)
Creative Agency: DDB
Media Agency: Mindshare Worldwide
Executive Creative Director: Janet Guillet
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller
Assistant Director: Janet Guillet
CW: Janet Guillet/Marcia Murray
Producer: Joanne Diglio
Prod. Comp: EUE Screengems
Editor: Chris Franklin/Big Sky
Music: Singling Serpent
Photographer: NA
PR Agency: Golin