DDB Chicago’s ‘Umbilical’ Spot for Skittles is the Strangest Mother’s Day Ad You’ll See This Year

By Erik Oster 

DDB Chicago’s “Umbilical” spot for Skittles is not your typical ode to mom. In fact, we’re pretty confident in predicting it will be the strangest Mother’s Day spot you see this year.

The “Umbilical” of the title refers to the connection a young man and his mother still share. At the opening of the spot, the mother eats Skittles, while her son, sitting next to her, guesses the flavor. The reveal (which should be obvious by now) comes when the camera pans down.

In case that wasn’t cringey enough, the son remarks, “Oh mother, I love eating Skittles every time you eat Skittles,” and she expresses that the feeling is mutual. Gross.

DDB Chicago has certainly explored some distinctly strange territory for Skittles before, but not quite like this. While it’s hard to argue that “Umbilical” doesn’t stand apart from the pack of sentimental Mother’s Day spots with its gross-out humor, we have to wonder if making viewers lose their appetites is the best approach for a candy brand.