DDB Chicago Imagines Skittles Cloud As Pet, Problems Ensue

By Erik Oster 

DDB Chicago continues bringing out the bizarre for Skittles in a new campaign complete with some perhaps unintended implications.

The new spot features a cloud named Freddie, who, when walked by an elderly woman “rains” Skittles after being pet. Now, the problem with portraying a product as something that comes out of a pet while being walked is…well, pretty obvious right? Okay, I get that Freddie is a cloud and that DDB has been doing strange stuff for Skittles for a while now, but you don’t want viewers asking, “Is that cloud pissing Skittles?” — a distinct possibility here. In the 30-second spot, “Cloud,” Freddie responds very differently when a curious onlooker attempts to pet him, ending with the spot-specific tagline “Pet The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow.”


The campaign features two more 30-second adverts, each following the same oddball theme, with Freddie going to the vet and the groomers. Additionally, DDB Chicago teamed up with PR agency Olson to build a remote-controlled, Skittles-dispensing cloud. Built from the ground up, the cloud “features two unique dispensing functions and a variety of fun lighting and audio features.” It’s a high-tech evolution of The Rainbow team’s past Skittles-dispensing gifts like pinball machines and vending machines, and a pretty cool extension of the campaign (we’ll hear more about this later in the week). Stick around for credits and “Groomer” after the jump.

Mark Gross, SVP, Executive Creative Director

Wayne Robinson, VP Creative Director (Art Director)

Matt Collier, VP Creative Director (Copywriter)

Diane Jackson, EVP, Executive Director of Integrated Production

Will St. Clair, VP, Executive Producer

Scott Terry, Production Business Manager

Heather Malenshek, SVP, Global Business Director

Kate Christiansen, SVP, Group Account Director

Gwen Hammes, VP, Account Director

Erin Leahy, Global Account Executive

Trace Schlenker, Global Account Manager

Production Gorgeous Inc.

Chris Palmer, Director

Eriks Krumins, Executive Producer

Caroline Pham, Producer


The Whitehouse / Chicago

John Smith, Editor

Dan Bryant, Executive Producer

Dawn Guzowski, Producer


The Mill / Los Angeles and Chicago

Jo Arghiris, Executive Producer

Christina Thompson, Senior Producer

Sound Design

750 MPH London

Sam Ashwell, Sound Designer

Audio Mixing

Lime Studios, Santa Monica

Loren Silber Mixer