DDB Chicago Asks, ‘Why 3 Musketeers?’

By Erik Oster 

DDB Chicago brought back Mars’ Three Musketeers characters for the first time in over a decade in its new “Why 3 Musketeers?” campaign.

The campaign is composed of four videos providing different answers to the question. Each of the spots “features the beloved characters associated with our brand, but in a funny and unexpected way,” 3 Musketeers brand director Allison Miazga-Bedrick told MediaPost.


In the 45-second “Double Dutch,” for example, the answer is “Because without 3 you can’t double dutch.” One of the musketeers sets up a boombox and shows off his moves while the other two man the jump ropes. The videos are promoted through social media and the campaign also includes digital advertising, public relations and shopper marketing. DDB Chicago seems to be attempting to capitalize on the recent wave of 90s nostalgia and appeal to millenials with the campaign, which harkens back to the “Big on Chocolate, Not on Fat” tagged ads of that era, the last time the characters were seen.