DDB Canada Launches ‘Unforgettable’ for Volkswagen

By Erik Oster 

DDB Canada launched its first campaign for Volkswagen Canada, after picking up the account from Red Urban last September, entitled “Unforgettable.”

The campaign highlights the Volkswagen driving experience as “Unforgettable” with two spots, “Prom” and “Driving Test.” In “Prom,” the agency highlights the amount of control in the Tiguan SUV by showing a protective father able to stop his daughter’s date from leaning in for a kiss by stepping on the gas. “Driving Test” focuses on the Jetta, with a test instructor so impressed by the car’s features he doesn’t notice how bad the student is driving. The broadcast ads are currently running with slightly different intended audiences; “Prom” is supported by an NHL Playoff sponsorship, while “Driving Test” is running on specialty networks.


“Our research showed while many people know the [Volkswagen] name, they don’t have a great understanding of each of the models and what they have to offer,” Rob Sturch, creative director at DDB Canada, explained to Marketing. “Part of our task was to re-familiarize people with the Volkswagen experience. That snowballed into conversations about all the ways VW has been unforgettable – in their product and as part of culture. It was a perfect match for the brand.”