DDB Canada Adds More Dairy to Portfolio

By Kiran Aditham 

Let’s get the party started with a little bit of news from up north. Following an “extensive” review that kicked off in late July, the Dairy Farmers of Canada have handed over their cheese mass ad duties to DDB, specifically the agency network’s Toronto office. DDB Toronto was among six agencies that participated in the review (still haven’t heard back on who else), but it was the Omnicom-owned shop that tickled DFC pink.

In a statement regarding the Dairy Farmers’ decision, Ian McDonald, the org’s national director, marketing and nutrition, says, ““We established great chemistry and rapport with DDB Canada throughout the review process and were impressed by their strong strategic thinking. The amount of effort put forth in understanding our business and challenges, helped us to see a new positioning for Canadian Cheese.”

Yes, there are cheeseheads beyond Green Bay and with this win, DDB Toronto will get cracking on an existing spring 2013 campaign as well as an all-new Canadian cheese effort set to debut next fall. Along with the cheese win, DDB Canada also counts the Strategic Milk Alliance (ok, it’s not the Avengers) as another recent dairy client win. Prior to DDB, the Dairy Farmers of Canada worked with Taxi on ad efforts.