DDB Brazil Celebrates 21 by Sending Lucky Student Across the Globe

By Michael Musco 

Controversial agency DDB Brazil has found an interesting way to celebrate its 21st birthday, namely picking a 21-year old student for a globe-trotting research project that begins January 9. The student will spend 99 days visiting nine cities around the world in search of “trends”. Vague brief in tow, the student’s travels will take him or her to London, New York, Paris, Barcelona Milan, Mumbai, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Along with the backpacking and hiking, the student must keep a daily blog, which will then be evaluated at the end of their travels. If the blog posts are deemed acceptable, the student will be invited to join DDB Brazil’s staff in Sao Paulo.

“DM9 has been opening space for the new over these past 21 years. We want new trends, new thoughts, new ways of looking at the world. All from the viewpoint of people who – just like the agency – are 21 years old, and want to build a bright, conscious future”, said Sergio Valente, DDB Brazil’s president, in a statement.

From what it looks like, though, the selection process is kind of a pain as there are quizzes, face-to-face interviews and video submissions all included in the mix. Regardless, DDB Brazil has begun the process today on the campaign website.  Just a suggestion: It wouldn’t hurt to know Portuguese before stopping by.

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