DDB Argentina, VW Stop for Urgent Bathroom Break

By Erik Oster 

We’ve all been there: on a long road trip and when you finally find a rest stop, gas station or diner and a full-on sprint is necessary to make it to the bathroom as quickly as possible. DDB Argentina mines this relatable scenario in its new “Toilets” spot for Volkswagen’s Cross Up.

Directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz and produced by Central Films North, the production company Garcia Saiz formed with producer John Barreiro in 2014, the action unfolds in slow-motion, set to The Platters‘ 1955 hit “Only You (And You Alone).” Both of those decisions perfectly suit the subject matter, as the slow-motion matches the desperation of weary travelers in a rush to make it to the bathroom and their subsequent relief. We weren’t aware that doo wop was the ideal musical accompaniment for such a scenario, but apparently it is. So: What does it all have to do with Volkswagen’s Cross Up?

The reveal at the spot’s conclusion firmly ties the message to the vehicle and one of its key selling points with the line “1000 Km. In one tank. You’ll need to stop, your car won’t.”

It’s a clever way to relay that message, intriguing viewers with a relatable and well-executed scenario before finally delivering the sell that ties everything together. That’s a lot more persuasive than just telling viewers the tank can hold an impressive amount of fuel right out of the gate and it helps to put the figure into perspective. Because you definitely won’t make it 1,000 kilometers (around 621 miles) without a bathroom break.


Agency: DDB Argentina
Chief Creative Officer: Hernan Jauregui
Creative Director: Adrian Piattoni, Facundo Varela
Copywriter: Alberto Valencia Gomez
Art Director: Martin Puiatti
Agency Producer: Micaela Picco

Production Company: Salado Media
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
Head of Production: Claudio Migliardo
Producer: Veronica Berta, Victoria Martinez
DP: Mateo Londono
Executive Producer: Federico Ameglio

Editorial Company: Salado Media
Editor: Mariano Baez

VFX: Salado Uruguay
VFX Supervisor: Sebastian Cerveñansky