Days Inn, Entrinsic Sell Hotels Short…On Purpose

By Jordan Teicher 

Days Inn Canada and Toronto-based digital/social shop Entrinsic are offering potential customers a unique perspective on staying away from home: no frills, nothing fancy, not trying to go above and beyond. The sort of approach that can be down-to-earth or lazy, depending on how you think about Days Inn and the hotel industry as a whole. It’s definitely original, since every other chain tries to maximize the number of amenities offered.

In the one-minute spot, a puffed up CEO-type removes all of the frills from his hotel and shows us why swimming pools should be used for swimming. Basically, basic price = basic service. P.S., if you like to wear ascots, you should avoid this commercial and all Days Inn establishments.


Credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Director: Anthony Wolch
Copywriter: Kyle Carpenter
Art Director: Anthony Wolch
Executive Producer: Tim Corrigan
Production Company: Clark Stanley
Director: Adam Massey
Editor: Jay Baker
Music: Bonspiel