David&Goliath Reveals the Inspiration for Jack in the Box’s All-Day ‘Brunchfast’ Menu

By Erik Oster 

David&Goliath, which officially took over for Secret Weapon Marketing as Jack in the Box’s creative agency a little over a year ago, launched a spot promoting its all-day Brunchfast menu, the chain’s latest offensive in the fast food breakfast wars.

“Cricket’s Cravings” opens on Jack Box explaining his idea for all-day Brunchfast in a meeting. When someone asks him where he got the idea he flashes back to the moment of inspiration (15 minutes earlier): the pregnancy food cravings of his wife. Jack is initially dismissive of the idea of brunch food at eight at night but when she mentions asking his mother-in-law to visit, he quickly changes his tune.

While the Brunchfast menu itself is a clever entry into the all-day breakfast game for the chain, there may have been a better way to introduce the new items.

Jack pitching ideas in table meetings is a tried and tested formula for the brand, but the flashback scene stumbles. Having the impetus for Jack to actually hear out his pregnant wife center around the cliche of the hated mother-in-law provides an abrupt and awkward transition.