David São Paulo Converts Big Mac Fanatics for Burger King

By Erik Oster 

David São Paulo launched a new campaign promoting the Big King for Burger King, the chain’s new competition for McDonald’s Big Mac.

The agency created a new online spot in which it found five people around the world who were such big fans of the Big Mac that they had an image of the burger tattooed on their body in visible places. Each of the Big Mac fanatics, from Brazil, Taiwan, the United States, Spain and Italy, was sent an invitation to come to São Paulo to try Burger King’s new burger and test their brand loyalty. Predictably, each of the Big Mac fans liked Burger King’s version even better, but the agency didn’t stop there. They brought in Miami Ink tattoo artist Ami James to transform their tattoos into the flame-grilled Big King. Each of the participants, save for one who didn’t want to change the tattoo he shared with his brother, went along with the transformation and now have an image of the Big King where there was once a Big Mac. That its competitors biggest fans were willing to have the Big King permanently displayed on their bodies is a fairly compelling testament to the Big King, but the story is simple enough that it could have been told in half of its three-minute runtime.

“Leaving old habits behind can sometimes bring us pleasant surprises in life, and that’s what we wanted to convey in this Big King campaign,” said Ariel Grunkraut, marketing director for Burger King in Brazil. “We found out that people are indeed open to change, and they often find that it can bring both
something positive and surprising.”

“Sometimes reality surpasses fiction,” added David Brazil creative vice president Rodrigo Grau. “In literally one month we traveled the world seeking the most fanatical fans of our competitor, to convert them into Big King fanatics. An idea as difficult to accomplish as it was fascinating.”



Agency: DAVID São Paulo
Client: Burger King Brasil
Creative VP: Rodrigo Grau
Creative Director: Edgard Gianesi
Art Directors: Diego Barboza, Jean Zamprogno, Bruno Luglio
Copywriters: João Gandara, Fernando Pellizzaro, Ivan Guerra
Executive Producer: Mariane Goebel
Producer: Renata Neumann
Head of Planning: Fernando Ribeiro
Planning Director: Luiz Arruda
Planning Supervisor: André Gonçalves
Account Director: Carol Vieira
Account Supervisor: Natalia Rakowitsch
Account Executive: Natalie Bursztyn
Account Assistant: Fernanda Feldmann

SVP Global Brand Management: Fernando Machado
Marketing Director: Ariel Grunkraut
Marketing Manager: Kellen Silverio
Marketing Coordinator: Thais Nascimento
Marketing Analyst: Lariane Duarte

Production Company: Crane.TV
Executive Producer: Constantin Bjerke
Director: Vandalo
Director of Photography: Daniel Venosa
Head of Brand Solutions:  Pernille Raven
Producer: Julieta Biasotti
International Account Manager: Cecilia Temke
Editorial and Online: Cutu Benedict
Producer São Paulo: Juliana Pacheco
Producer Milano: Iacopo Carapelli
Producer Madrid: Beatriz Collado
Producer Taiwan: Lucie Wang
Producer Brasília: Jetro Ositeky
Producer Los Angeles: Felix Reyes
Music and Audio Post: Antfood
Account: Lou Schmidt / Sean McGovern
Audio Producers: Pedro Botsaris / Lou Schmidt / Wilson Brown
Food Stylist: Paula Rainho