DAVID Miami Reminds Us That Burger King Franchises Just Can’t Resist a Good Fire

By Patrick Coffee 

Did you know that Burger King burns down more often than any other fast food chain?

Neither did we—and we’re still not sure whether we believe it. But the chain’s agency partner DAVID Miami used the fact that fires do frequently break out at BK kitchens to promote the client’s classic “flame grilled” positioning in a kind-of-clever new campaign.

It seems that the agency simply turned to the corrupt, dishonest, biased media for images of BK locations setting themselves on fire and loving it for this execution.

Here’s one that went to soot last summer in Oregon.


It happened in Pennsylvania in 2015, too.


And yes, the phenomenon even travels overseas to Italy, where diners still like a good old beef-and-soy patty in between all those pasta dishes.*


It’s a fairly clever and simple campaign that didn’t seem to require much in the way of production or strategy or copywriting or anything, really, beyond the basic idea. We kind of wonder about the credits below, frankly.

But no campaign is comprehensive. The team missed the one in Killeen, Texas and the one in Yakima, Washington and the one in Hartford, not to mention the classic Onion headline “Burger King Fire Kills Seven Overweight Teenage Mothers.”

Anyway, the flames. They are open.

*We are very much aware that Italians do not eat pasta all day every day. But still.


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