DAVID Miami and Burger King Love ’90s R&B Even More Than You Do

By Patrick Coffee 

It’s Friday, the world is blowing up, and people are still arguing about whether the ad industry is innovative or lazy.

We do, however, take comfort in the clean, soothing production of mid-’90s R&B. Burger King and its agency of record DAVID Miami—or the world’s most Brazilian agency office not located in Brazil—feel the same way.

In order to promote a product that demands a ridiculous presentation, they turned to one of the era’s true classics, Mark Morrison’s one and only hit “Return of the Mack” from 1996.

Gotta be straight with you guys, our first response to this spot was, “Holy shit that is dumb.”

But it kind of grew on us. And you can’t really appreciate it without noting how closely DAVID replicated the original video.

As Mr. Morrison himself reminded us, “Return of the Mack” turned legal yesterday.

Now you know which song comes next on that playlist.

We would post the full credits for this campaign, but the PDF was arranged in such a way as to make that quite literally impossible.

Use a simple vertical list. It’s not that hard!