David Hasselhoff’s Death Or Disgrace Clause

By SuperSpy 

In case you missed it… Christ. The Hoff. Love it.

Back end to this spot is that normally, celebs sign a “death and disgrace” clause or separate contract. In the event of either of these things, the agency/brand gets their money back from the celebrity for tarnishing the brand. However, Hoff (being Hoff) was expected to fuck up and so, was not forced to sign. The spot went forward with agency Karmarama behind the wheel. Don’t you know that David, just a day before the shoot, broke his arm by falling off a bike? Look closely at the spot and you can catch a glimpse of his black cast.


Love this kind of stuff. A reader suggested we ask you creatives for the details behind some of your favorite celeb commercials. Come on… did you watch Beyonce‘s wig come off? Did you see Brit Brit puke while shooting a soft drink spot? Do tell… Email yeah? agencyspy at gmail dot com