Darth Vader Can Be Easily Frustrated These Days

By Kiran Aditham 

It looks like time has taken its toll on Darth Vader, as the Sith Lord is now getting one-upped by a guy who stars in Parks & Recreation and had a role in Moneyball in this clip promoting the launch of Kinect Star Wars.  AKQA and Swift River Productions are behind this effort for the Xbox Kinect game (release date TBD–perhaps when Lucas gives his official blessing), which stars a smart-ass Chris Pratt, who steps in for Obi-wan and reenacts a classic lightsaber battle. As you can see, it’s not too difficult to tease one of sci-fi’s greatest villains these days. Credits after the jump:


Agency: AKQA

Pierre Lipton – Executive Creative Director

Stephen Clements – Creative Director

Miranda Maney – Senior Copywriter

Warren Frost – Art Director

Vicente Montelongo – Senior Designer

Nancy Cardillo – Executive Producer

Monica Stephen – Program Manager

James Jenkins – Group Account Director

Julia Jahn – Management Supervisor

Clayton Lee – Account Supervisor

Luke Welch – Account Executive

Ashley D’Amour – Strategist

Production Company: Swift River Productions

Paul J. Morra – Executive Producer/Director

Sean Faden – Co-Director

Kevin Morra – Executive Producer

Amber Howell, Mike Leahy – Producers

Scott Javine – Associate Producer

Helge Gerull – Director of Photography