Dallas’ Greenlight Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with Some Almost-Nudity

By Patrick Coffee 

What did your agency do for its 10th anniversary? Do you even remember it clearly?

You probably don’t. But employees of Dallas-based Greenlight (which has Gold’s Gym, La Quinta Inn & Suites and other clients) will, because the agency is documenting the date in a video series that will live forever and ever on YouTube, amen.

The little mini-profiles have been debuting today at a one-per hour clip as part of a project called “10 for 10”: 12 10-second videos celebrating 10 years, released by the hour throughout the day.


We don’t know a whole lot about the agency, but the first effort shows us that they do sometimes rely on the most traditional forms of communication.

The next entry is probably why you clicked on this post.

That was not as provocative as you’d hoped, but the agency seems to have a sense of humor about it. They also love spit takes.

The most impressive entry to us so far is this one, which involves an inhuman amount of Big League Chew. Remember that stuff from when you were 8 or so?

Here’s one in which light bulbs ponder fate as they plummet toward their kind-of deaths.

We do hope, for Greenlight’s employees’ sakes, that they don’t really have to work in corners posing as cubicles.

All in good fun.

The press release tells us this project is better than a press release, which is true. “Agency Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary” is about as exciting as “Agency Recognized By Local Organization” if we’re talking potential headlines.