Dallas Ad Community Shares Tales of Woe

By Michael Musco 

Being in advertising, we’re sure you have some interesting/odd stories to tell (as our comment threads and tips box have attested to over time). Whether it’s regarding difficult clients, disastrous presentations, frustrating focus groups, or bizarre co-workers, in this field, you must have come across something worth talking about.

In case you missed it,  the Dallas ADDYs launched this teaser some while back, directed by Jeff Bednarz of Directorz, in which a bunch of agency folks share their “stories of suffering” in the hopes that you do the same by submitting your text or video to the dedicated website. The event has already come to pass, so your own sordid stories would be told in vain, but at least you can empathize here for a few minutes.


Update: Yes, you can still submit your stories to the “Suffering” site, which was conceived by Dallas’s Launch Agency.