D&AD, One Club Create ‘Pencil Rankings’

By Kiran Aditham 

Goldoneshow and others, take notice. The D&AD and the One Club have formed a joint venture dubbed “The Pencil Rankings,” which measures and index performances from both of these award shows.

The site is pretty barebones as the rankings system isn’t set to launch until early next year, but here’s how the new system works according to the announce: Awards achieved in each environment accrue a defined number of points, which are then totaled to provide an index of performance across both [shows].  The Pencil Rankings will measure both individual advertising and design agencies as well as networks on their overall performance in the two shows.  And yes, there will be a Client of the Year title included.


Perhaps this is a reference point, agencies and clients, to gauge whether you’re worthy of patting yourselves on the back or in need of a good scolding. In a statement regarding Pencil Rankings, which will be free and searchable for both of the aforementioned parties when launched, D&AD CEO Tim O’Kennedy says, “There are many awards shows around, but the two most demanding, most rigorous and most coveted in the creative world are The One Show and D&AD. We thought it was time to offer our clients – and their clients – a simple and utterly transparent barometer of their creative performance in this, the Superleague of shows.” Heh, “Superleague.”