Cutwater, Brawny ‘Stay Giant’

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco agency Cutwater launched a national integrated campaign fro Brawny entitled “Stay Giant.”

The campaign is centered around two 30-second broadcast spots: “Chili” and “Gift.” In both, the Brawny Man seems to stands in for the protagonists’ internal monologue. In “Chili,” for example, a man overreacts after spilling chili in the break room at work. He contemplates running away to Mexico to sell ceviche on the beach, but the Brawny Man reminds him that he doesn’t speak Spanish. In “Gift” a woman returns home from a long day at work to find her dog has strewn trash everywhere and left her a certain present. She thinks about how this is why she considered getting a cat before caving in to the dog’s cuteness under reassurances from that she’s “got this.” Each spot ends with the tagline, “Stay Giant.”

The ads are notable for breaking with convention in a very tired category. Moms cleaning up after the messes left behind by kids and/or husbands are notably (and thankfully) absent, as are promises of maximum absorbency demonstrated with blue mystery liquid. Both “ChilI” and “Gift” will make their broadcast debut on October 1, supported by digital and social initiatives. Since the premise behind “Stay Giant” is seemingly wide open and ripe for further interpretation, we expect to see more from the Brawny Man soon.

Agency: Cutwater
Founder/Chief Creative Officer: Chuck McBride
Principal/President: Christian Hughes
Executive Producer: Daniel Tuggle
Copywriter: Chuck McBride
Copywriter: Ray Connolly
Copywriter: Simone Nobilli
Copywriter: John Reid
Art Director: Gong Liu
Account Director: Sarah Owens
Senior Account Manager: Greer Gonerka
Post Producer: Jenn Suttlemyre

Production Company: Dummy
Director: Harold Einstein
Executive Producer: Eric Liney
Director of Photography: Glynn Speeckaert

Editorial Company: Arcade Edit
Editor: Dave Anderson
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram
Senior Post Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Assistant: Healy Snow

Telecine Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson
Colorist: Gregory Reese
Producer: Anastasia von Rohl
Lead VFX Artist: Glyn Tebbutt

Audio Record & Mix Company: Margarita Mix
SFX: Human