Curb Your Fears of Certain Doom with Chill Swill

By Matt Van Hoven 

Tough economic times got you down? Wish you could go back to the days when advertising wasn’t so volatile? Well, you can’t &#151 but a new beverage promises to help you feel calm about whatever you’re dealing with, without giving you one of those pesky hangover things. ViB (pronounced “vibe” &#151 and no, this doesn’t have anything to do with the Virginia Institute for the Blind) is the latest in canned bullshit technology, and as far as we can tell, it makes you feel like you’ve just smoked a certain green herb. Copiously.

“Hopelessness. Anxiety. Burnout. These are concepts everyone can empathize with in these uncertain times. Happiness is taken for granted, as is the relaxation that’s a byproduct of stress-relief. Stress is not just a problem &#151 it’s the problem. Everyone longs for an escape from their problems; a vacation; a place where they can go to be happy; a place from where they return and share their happiness with everyone around them. ViB is your vacation in a bottle.”


David Ibsen over at “5 Blogs Before Lunch” turned us on to this fascinating new product, which can be purchased at 7-Elevens and Albertson’s. We’ll stick to headache inducing beverages of another sort for now, but let us know if you think ViB is the right product to fill the under-represented calming-beverage market. Look out Chamomile.

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