Cunning’s ‘Head Creative Bloke’ Floyd Hayes Moves On

By Kiran Aditham 

After spending nearly 14 years at London/New York-based guerilla marketing shop Cunning, during which time he came up with stunts including “Thoughtvertising” and indulged in turning foreheads into billboards for Scion among other things, Floyd Hayes is now going solo.

The self-appointed “head creative bloke,” who was also a former  “Hot Ad Wo(Man) of the Day” on this here site a few years ago, sent a note this morning announcing the launch of Floyd Hayes Consulting, LLC. Here’s a glance at the opening of the memo. Read the rest if you’d like after the jump.

“Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I have some news I want to share with you. After 6 amazing years as
Creative Director at Cunning London and 7 years at Cunning NYC, I’ve
decided to start my own creative marketing consultancy.”

I bring 14 years of global marketing experience in developing cross
media concepts, hosting brainstorms and running creative development
workshops for brands like Virgin America, HSBC, Unilever, MINI Cooper
and NBC.

My ideas are designed to sit across multiple media channels.  I
believe that in a world where media can be anything, the idea has to
be everything.

I develop ideas that demand attention, earn engagement and spur

In addition to the creative side, I’ve built an impressive network of
best in class production experts. Specialists who can implement
concepts across all media channels and activate globally.

I’d love to have a chat about how we may work together.

Please forgive the slightly hard sell email but this is the most
exciting career move I’ve ever made.  I hope you will be part of my
new journey and thanks for your support.

Kind regards,


Floyd Hayes Consulting LLC.