Crowdsourcing Firms Need Your Help Renaming ‘Crowdsourcing’

By Kiran Aditham 

Over the past few months, we’ve pondered over what crowdsourcing actually means and debated on the efficacy of it on the ad industry, but now it appears that some of the major “leaders” of this practice feel like the term is akin to a scarlet letter and want to change the crowdsourcing name altogether.

Welcome Project: Rename Crowdsourcing, brought to you by GeniusRocket and 99designs and which includes the “Are You a Dick…” tagline above. As the countdown clock now ticks on the project site, the two parties involved are keeping the suggestion box open for 45 days and offering $1,000 for the best submission.

A panel of judges including executives from GeniusRocket and 99designs will evaluate all entries and narrow it down to 20 finalists. After that, the selection will be open for judging by the crowd. The final name will be selected by popular vote and announced on the site. Btw, we were initially told prior to launch that Victors & Spoils was also involved in the project, but obviously now that’s not the case.

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