Critical Mass Makes Some Cuts

By Kiran Aditham 

While it’s just nabbed digital AOR duties for a Valspar brand, Omnicom-owned Critical Mass has had to make some cuts–though not as dire, sources say, as tipsters were alleging. From what we’ve been told by those familiar with the matter, approximately a half-dozen staffers were let go spanning departments such as creative, insights & planning, project management. Here’s a statement from Critical Mass:

“As an agency, our business depends on the success of our clients and our ability to drive results for every client. As our clients have fluctuations in their business and revenue, we need to periodically reallocate our staff and realign resources to reflect our clients’ changing needs.   It is a reality of our industry that sometimes we need to make tough decisions to let go of staff when the clients needs requires a shift in team mix. Without a single client loss this year, our staff reductions have been minimal and limited to regular fluctuations in current clients’ scope of work that affects less than 5% of our staff in the Chicago office and less than 1% globally. We appreciate all our employees and their contributions to our business and our clients’ businesses. Staffing changes are always a tough decision that we do not take lightly.


Our staff changes in no way affect the stability and strength of our business. We continue to see strong demand for our services in North America and beyond, with significant growth in emerging markets such as Latin America. Just today (yesterday) we announced that CM Chicago has been named the digital agency of record for Guardsman, the furniture care division of Valspar Corp, and we have several unannounced wins that we hope to be allowed to share soon.”