Critical Mass Creates Drink Named After Post-Pitch Haze

By Erik Oster 

If you’re wondering what to drink tonight, we just might be able to help you out…

The folks over at Critical Mass feel that “there’s nothing like the feeling of a pitch.” They’ve created a bevvy named after the “warm, unfocused and generally fuzzy feeling” that occurs after “…the deadlines have somehow been met and the adrenaline has faded”: Pitch Fuzz.


You can learn to make pitch fuzz by watching the above video. That the video is set to “Auld Lang Syne” and the drink contains mulled cranberry syrup make it appear that pitch fuzz is something of winter holiday drink, but it seems refreshing enough to have all year. What could be a more appropriate drink to have while watching Mad Men? (Other than perhaps an Old Fashioned.)

For your convenience we’ve included Critical Mass’ recipe for Pitch Fuzz below, including some approximate translations of their measurements.

Pitch Fuzz:

Pre-chill a coupe glass and set aside
Add 1 ounce (2/3 of a shot) of rye whiskey
Add 1/4 ounce (about 2 teaspoons) of triple sec
Add 3/4 ounce (1/2 a shot) of mulled cranberry syrup
Add 3 dashes of orange and aromatic bitters
Add ice to the mixing glass
Stir for 20 seconds
Strain into the coupe glass
Top with champagne
Add 3 drops of whiskey-aged bitters (optional)
Garnish with a ribbon of orange zest
Serve and enjoy