Crispin Porter’s S*** Doesn’t Stink

By SuperSpy 

Everyone loves to hate on CP+B. We get it, but you know… um… they consistently turn out high level work, snag clients and foster some fab talent. The Orville thing was way bad, but what other work can you really, really hate them for? What was so bad it made you cringe and think – “Hell. They’ve finally jumped the shark!” We’re sure you’ll let us know in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Creativity Online has done a thorough walk through of the CP+B Boulder operation. You get to see their space, meet some employees (rather good looking, no?) and listen to them expound on how much business they have, how much they’re growing, patonethback, patontheback, patontheback. It’s one big ad for CP+B. Creativity should have charged them for this one. You know their press person is most certainly throwing high-fives left and right, under their arm. Bet.


And this is why many folks hate CP+B . They get away with shit like this and you still kinda respect them. If you’re a hater now, don’t watch it. They are a very well turned out agency: tech, creative, many a full service department and it all looks cool, too? It’s gonna make you think their shit don’t stink. Hell… maybe it doesn’t.

Watch it here.