Creature Selling Off Odds & Sods Items at ‘The Window Shop’

By Jordan Teicher 

Disclaimer: Before I criticize The Window Shop, a charitable pop-up store created by Creature, I want to say that it’s the thought that counts.  The agency converted its office windows in Seattle into a small store, so shoppers can literally pick and purchase out of a window, with all of the proceeds going to Hamomi Children’s Centre, which educates and cares for orphaned children from Nairobi. Even though most of the items for sale are silly, cheap, uninteresting, and useless, I hope people buy them anyway to support disadvantaged African kids. I’m guessing Creature is banking that you will, too.

The problem with The Window Shop is that it’s full of random ephemera that could only appeal to people who’ve been on Hoarders. If your hick cousins from Mississippi would pass on the Leggy Lamp (a la A Christmas Story below), odds are it’s not for you.


A small sample of The Window Shop’s inventory: Kangamouse Paper Doll, Steve Jobs Figurine, Mermaid Diorama, Goat Pillowcase, Backwards Clock, and a Used Bowling Pin. It’s almost like Creature employees asked for all of the rejected novelties from Spencer’s, realized they made a mistake, and figured out that they could get rid of the crap by donating to a charity.

I think the holiday-pop-up-shop-for-charity idea is a great one, but instead of selling a stuffed kidney toy for $15, couldn’t the company have invested in some better gifts with the potential to raise more money? Otherwise, people can just donate directly to Hamomi Children’s Centre instead of cluttering up their attics.

If you’re compelled to spend some dough for a good cause, I recommend the Rum Bottle Lamp. It’s one of the few products with artisan coolness that wouldn’t look natural in Jeff Foxworthy’s basement. The Creature shopping experience lasts through Dec. 20.