Creator Platform Storyhunter Rebrands as Glimmer

By Kyle O'Brien 

Storyhunter, a global creator platform, has rebranded as Glimmer, billing itself as an all-in-one global creative collaboration platform for agencies, brands and creators.

The rebrand comes with a commitment to supporting creators and brands in the fast-growing creator economy. For the past 11 years, Storyhunter has helped creators in film and video production, bringing the global creator community together through creative partnerships with Fortune 500, brands and agencies globally, including CNN, Hearst, Bloomberg, Meta and Airbnb.

Along with the rebrand, Glimmer is announcing an expansion into more than 60 creative services, including 3D animation, creative direction, copywriting, drone videography, full-service production and more.


Glimmer is also announcing the launch of Glimmer Black, a new all-in-one creative production platform for enterprises. Glimmer Black features visual creator portfolios directly connecting to its global marketplace and an advanced search experience for finding the right creator for any project. It offers a faster payout option for creators worldwide to get paid within three days of completing a project.

“We are unleashing the potential of creators worldwide by showcasing their capabilities and making it simple for them to connect to some of the most amazing projects on the planet. We have proven that we can change how filmmakers and journalists get hired and paid. Now, we will scale that impact across many other creative services so that more creators can focus only on doing the work they love,” said founder and CEO Jaron Gilinsky in a statement.

Gilinsky added that the company will continue to advocate for the rights of creators everywhere to create freely and fearlessly.

The new Glimmer Black platform also includes upgraded technology built to provide enterprises and agencies with a suite of collaboration and pricing tools developed from the insights of a data set of more than 70,000 unique creative media projects.

“Glimmer Black is the only end-to-end full-service platform for brands and agencies to build and leverage an agile, creative workforce,” said Jamie Elden, Glimmer’s global chief revenue officer in a statement.

Elden went on to say that clients utilize Glimmer Black to unify procurement, production budgets, team collaboration, project management, production management, contracts, accounting and analytics.

“Our clients now are able to manage all their production hires, budgets and planning in one place, enabling them to efficiently scale globally leveraging our diverse teams of creators in over 200 countries. Glimmer Black clients also have access to our studio division that produces award-winning branded content, documentaries and original IP in partnership with our global broadcast and media clients. We are excited to continue our rapid growth into the creator economy plus now with the rebrand and new products we are positioned to continue to bring more projects to our creators globally,” said Elden.