Creative Team Offers Agencies a 30-Day Free Trial

By Bob Marshall 

Do you have a special place in your heart for free labor, but find it difficult to openly express your fondness due to laws and public opinion? Well, two enterprising young creatives are giving you the opportunity to use their free labor AND look like a benevolent person at the same time!

Copywriter Jason Burke and art director Jin Soo Kim (whose names don’t appear in the above video for some reason) are offering agencies a free 30-day trial of their work. In other words, they’re asking for a month-long unpaid internship, but allegedly done at a higher level than an intern can hope to achieve. Judging by the above video, they definitely have a few skills to back them up.

On ‘The 30day Free Trial Creative Team’ website, you can view each creative’s profile and samples of their work. Of course, the hope is that your agency will love this duo so much, they will be adopted in a heartwarming fashion a la the 1995 classic film Rent-a-Kid. But, you could always just cut them loose after 30 days at no cost. The choice is yours.