Creative Duo Morton/Clegg, Chiat LA Part Ways

By Kiran Aditham 

Don’t worry, worried tipsters. Though they left TBWA\Chiat\Day LA rather quietly, we’re getting word from sources in the know that there was nothing sinister going on regarding the departures of group creative directors/significant others Becca Morton and Gage Clegg. But yes, we have received confirmation that Morton and Clegg, art director and copywriter by trade, respectively, have left Chiat LA after spending nine years with the agency (as well as with its innovation studio, Let There Be Dragons), where they worked on past and present accounts including Visa (remember the 2008 spot above?), The Grammys, Johnson & Johnson, Pedigree and Southwest.

Now that sources tell us their last freelance work with said agency is in the can, which may explain why their departure was a bit subtle, the pair has struck out on their own as you can see in their most recent LinkedIn update. Here’s an excerpt: “We love coming up with ideas, solving problems, finding solutions and making things that are smart and simple and beautiful. We don’t so much love meetings and politics and not ever being able to go on vacations and such, so have decided to enter the wild and wolly world of freelance.”

Morton and Clegg started out as senior art director and copywriter, respectively, before eventually getting bumped up to GCDs at TBWA C\D LA two years ago.