Create an Argument , See it, Embed it

By Matt Van Hoven 

The technology for the map you see above, called an aMap (argument map), was created by SoHo London based Rubber Republic &#151 remember them from the “how creatives are harvested” video. The product is “designed to promote the art of arguing,” writes Adam Abu-Nab of Rubber Republic.

Check it out &#151 we created a base argument here, then added some supporting thoughts (arms, as RR has named them) and after choosing the lovely black hue, we were done. All that was left to do was embed the code et viola.


Normally we pose questions via a poll (we use, but with some metric tools and extended features &#151 like a simple “I agree” or “I disagree” button, Rubber Republic’s nifty tool could have some use. For now, agree or disagree with us that TV is dying.

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