Crash the CLIOS

By Matt Van Hoven 

OK so these two unemployed ad-dudes (read: copywriter & art director) are blowing some cash in Vegas in hopes of getting into and crashing the CLIOS. We’re going to try and make them sp…er, correspondents and hopefully get some coverage.

Well in reality they just want to get themselves in front of the big dogs who are gallivanting about Vegas this week. We say LET THEM IN! Or can someone please take these guys out for a few drinks? C’mon &#151 remember what it was like when you were a pioneering mid-level creative?


Did we just blow their cover? Hell no &#151 but if you decide you want to meet these guys and maybe usher them in, let us know (agencyspy at gmail dot com or 212-547-7935) and we’ll put you in touch. Or you can get a hold of them on Twitter.