CP+B, Turkish Airlines Bring Back Didier Drogba

By Erik Oster 

Last year, CP+B and Turkish Airlines launched a spot starring soccer heavyweights Didier Drogba and Lionel Messi (a follow-up of sorts to the previous year’s “Selfie Shootout” with Messi and Kobe Bryant), which eventually went on to rack up over 62 million views on YouTube. Drogba returned for the agency’s new effort for Turkish Airlines, this time with the spotlight all to himself.

The 60-second spot, entitled “How Do You Make A Didier?” seeks to answer the question with a look at how different places have shaped the star athlete, starting with his hometown of Abidjan, Ivory Coast and also including Le Mans, Marseille and London. “How Do You Make A Didier?” concludes with the line, “Where you go is who you are” and Turkish Airlines boast of flying to more locations than any other airline. The strategy is much more focused on the brand than past efforts more concerned with online trends and celebrity. Directed by Hungryman’s Richard Bullock, the spot employs hand-painted sets, courtesy of production designer Steve Summersgill, which give the spot a colorful style. Whether or not it can match the viral success of its predecessors (losing Messi certainly puts it at a disadvantage) it otherwise seems an improvement, both in its visual flair and the direct message tied to the brand’s selling point. Uploaded to YouTube on Monday, the video currently has almost 800,000 views, so it’s not exactly slacking in that department.

Agency:Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Client:Turkish Airlines
Creative Team: Joe Bruce
Creative Team: Kate Baker
Creative Director: Henrik Delehag
Creative Director: Ben Carey
Director of Integrated Production: Matt C. Minor
Agency Producer: Joe Bagnall
Planner: Nimi Raja
Account Management: Charles Faircloth
Account Management: Jonathan Philips
Account Management: İlkay Dibekoğlu
Account Management: Genevieve Sexton

Production Company: Hungryman
Director: Richard Bullock
Executive Producer: Matt Buels
Producer: Jack Beardsley
Production Manager: Melissa Eaton
Production Assistant: Sophie Lumley
DOP: Ray Coates
Production Designer: Steve Summersgill
Art Dept Buyer: Rebecca Du Pont
1st A.D.: Joe Carter
2nd A.D.: Dan Precious