CP+B Throws ‘AnyWare’ Party for Domino’s

By Erik Oster 

CP+B launched a new star-studded spot for Domino’s, letting customers know they can order subpar pizza through a variety of different devices in “Domino’s AnyWare Party”.

The celebrities in the ad all favor a different way of ordering, with actress Eva Longoria using her TV remote, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland preferring to text a pizza emoji, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman using Twitter and Avengers actor Clark Gregg utiliziing his smart watch. Each celebrities’ preferred ordering method was tailored to their personality and their affinity for the particular technology. Sherman, for example, “is known to be a big user of Twitter and has a big following,” Domino’s vice president, national advertising Karen Kaiser told AdAge, while Gregg “always plays that kind of secret agent-ish kind of guy so he seemed liked a logical choice for a smartwatch.”

The spot, which rolls out Monday, marks the first time Domino’s has turned to celebrities in its advertising since Top Chef contestant Fabio Viviani appeared in an ad in 2011. CP+B also created 15-second spots with each of the celebs, which will roll out later for specific markets, such as Sherman during sports programming. The approach leans (perhaps a bit too) hard on its star power, essentially using each as the face of a different way to order. If these weren’t celebrities that people cared about, it would be a pretty dry approach, and if you don’t particularly care about these people it still is.