CP+B Scandinavia Drills Deep Into Your Brain for Boxer

By Patrick Coffee 

CP+B Scandinavia took a unique approach to its latest campaign for Boxer, a Swedish TV channel provider.

Here’s the angle: the client currently offers customers a “bundle” of 16 channels as a subscription package. When faced with such a choice, the less decisive among us will often stall for time due to that old reliable–fear of commitment.

With Boxer, however, subscribers can change the channels in their bundle at any time. Therefore, the client will eliminate the hard choices and the “eeeehhhhhhhhhhh.”


It’s somehow both brilliant and infuriating, but you can’t quite ignore it–so it’s something like a Taylor Swift song.

The full spot, which will (ironically?) not run on cable, was directed by Oskar Bård & Carl Sundemo of Stockholm’s Hobby Film.