CP+B Scandinavia Cuts the Bullshit for Betsafe

By Erik Oster 

CP+B Scandinavia launched a debut spot for Malta-based online gambling company Betsafe entitled “No Bullshit Betting,” which uses the unusual tactic of reminding viewers that the odds are against them.

“Life is all about the challenge,” says the gambling boss at the beginning of the ad. “I mean, who celebrates the status quo? I certainly don’t. And I’ve turned that mindset into a means of making a living, a good living, at your expense,” she admits. It’s a bold, attention-grabbing tactic, coming out and stating the obvious (but seldom admitted) fact that the odds are always stacked against you when gambling. She delivers the speech while walking through a room of people intently watching a soccer game which they’ve presumably staked a good amount of money on. The way it works is simple, she explains, “When you lose, we win. When you win, well, in some ways we still win.” It’s confrontational, the strategy seemingly to imply that viewers don’t have the guts to try their hand at Betsafe.

“Ultimate players and thrill seekers… are incredibly tired of being patronized. Our customers are not stupid and I think they deserve the honesty that we give them with this new campaign,” Betsafe managing director Jeremy Taylor said in a statement.

“We want to reach those who don’t see themselves as the statistically average,” CP+B creative director Markus Lindsjö explained to Creativity. “The self-proclaimed outliers. And to get them to attempt to prove us wrong when we say in all honesty that they’re unlikely to beat us.”