CP+B Rebrands With ‘Punk Spirit,’ Kills the Elephant in the Room

By Patrick Coffee 

This is not your grandpa’s Crispin Porter and Bogusky.

For one, you can drop the “and.” While you’re at it, move that plus over to the end, because it’s now CPB+, like they just can’t stop not stopping. (For the record, that + only applies to the logo. Not the name.)

Today the agency formerly known as CP+B announced its rebrand: new site, new sign, new year, new you. And the elephant in the room? Gone.


“The site [here] is modeled to engage the visitor like a startup,” the agency’s release tells us, noting that visitors can peruse “branded items” like chief creative engineer Alex Bogusky’s own books.

Check out the new business cards and the site and the boss poster.

Here’s the designer’s explanation of the aesthetic change:

“The stencil treatment of the design embodies our punk spirit in turning the industry on its head. We moved the “+”,  a stable of our logo for some time, to the end of the agency name. Moving it outside of the founders’ names creates new significance – the importance of brand our partnerships and the exponential value we bring with our newly defined data-driven process.”

It’s a pretty cool new look for CPB+, no? Alex has been all over the place lately.

You may have also heard that, in addition to his pro wrestling challenges, Bogusky has made clear that he is not a fan of JUUL and its strategy for marketing smokeless tobacco products to teens.

We still wonder how DDB is going to handle that business while Bogusky sticks to healthier products like Domino’s Pizza.