CPB Pulls an Enfatico, But Won’t “Force” Employees to Ditch Macs

By Matt Van Hoven 

Valleywag picked up on an article in Fast Company in which CPB’s Microsoft AE Rob Reilly explains-away the agency’s seeming conflict of interest in using Macs…while working on a $300 million client that wants to smash Apple into sauce, or cider, or some other derivative.

“It’s not a matter of forcing people. It’s getting them to want to use it. If you can’t, you’re not going to do great advertising,” he said.

As far as we’re concerned, that’s how you do it. CPB was already in motion when Microsoft came along. But rather than go into freak out mode, they give their employees the choice of changing. Bear in mind, in that article, the point is made that Macs basically made the company what it was.


We have to hand it to CPB on this. Compared to Enfatico (remember how they bought a bunch of Dell screens and keyboards when Michael Dell stopped by), CPB’s management of the “what do we do” situation feels logical, natural, and non-reactionary. Enfatico on the other hand, should have built their Austin agency with Dell equipment, and given people the option of using a Mac.