CP+B Miami Gazes Over the Edge for Hoarder App Letgo

By Patrick Coffee Comment

What is letgo? It’s an app, dummy.

More specifically, it’s an app that allows you to “Start enjoying the experience of having a flea market on your smartphone.” So you can list and sell your random stuff at a touch while scrolling through the random stuff listed by others. It’s like a series of yard sales located all over the country, but you don’t have to stand up, walk around or spend any time outdoors!

The service aims to take on eBay, and it just raised $100 million to do that. This week it also released its first honest-to-God national TV ad created by CP+B’s Miami office.

You may have already seen the spot because it debuted during the season premiere of that snooze-fest The Walking Dead.

That was an amusingly dramatic way to introduce viewers to an app that is “perfectly tailored for the typical [read: lazy/busy/otherwise preoccupied] American consumer.” Noam Murro, who co-founded Biscuit Filmworks, helmed the spot (He’s also responsible for the second 300 movie and a lot of car ads but did NOT direct Die Hard 5, despite Deadline’s claims). BTW, who thought a Die Hard prequel/reboot would be a good idea? What up-and-coming actor is bold and balding enough to play a young Bruce Willis?

The Letgo campaign will include two more spots set to debut over the next few weeks. Both will also focus on such “extreme situations,” which get to the app’s selling point: you’ve got a bunch of crap that you know you’ll never use again, but you can’t quite commit to taking the time required to get rid of it. This app will help you do so with minimal effort!


Agency: CP+B Miami
ACD: Jeff Siegel, Alvaro Ramos
Account Director: Claudia Machado
Music Supervisor: Andrew Hamm
Integrated Producer: Annie Turlay, Marco Vidalis
Head of TV/Production: Kate Hildebrant
ECD: Gustavo Sarkis
Music Production: JSM
Composers: Joel Simon and Seamus Kilmartin
Creative Director: Joel Simon
Sound Mix: Rommel Molina
Sound Design: Michael Anastasi @ Barking Owl
Executive Producer: Gina Pagano
Editor: Avi Oron @ Bikini Edit
Edit Assistant: Tiffany Chang
Producer: Dan Roberts
Post Production House: The Mill
Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
VFX Supervisor: Koen Vroeijenstijn
2D Lead Artists: Tim Davies
Production Manager: Jennifer Berry
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Producer: Jay Veal
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Head of Production: Rachel Glaub and Mercedes Allen
Executive Producer: Colleen O’Donnell
DOP: Eric Schmidt
Director: Noam Murro