CP+B Gets ‘G’ for ‘Thursdre’

By Bob Marshall 

To most of the world, tomorrow is going to be Thursday. To a certain ad agency in Boulder (or maybe Miami?), tomorrow is going to be “Thursdre.” Wait, what in Bogusky’s name is Thursdre? Well, according to this website, CP+B describes Thursdre in the following manner:

“New Era hats cocked to the side. Black bandannas. Double piercings with hooped or studded earrings. Waistlines that start halfway down your ass. Marking a day when people do what they do and have some fun while doing it. Representing with OG smiles and competing Dre renditions, this is ThursDRE at CP+B.


More than just a costume, it’s a camaraderie shared among those who dare to try. A bond of those that work their asses off – so hard their pants can barely stay on. It’s an outlet to smile with your pearly whites under one shared roof. It’s a time to appear out of your comfort zone but never stop being the talented rock star you always are. Even if you look more like an unsigned rapper.”

If you’d like to see the most wangsta-ass group photo in the history of advertising, you can see the staff of CP+B dressed in their Thursdre best after the jump.