CP+B, Craig Kilborn(?) Explain the New Kraft Mac & Cheese Formula

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Remember when Craig Kilborn hosted The Daily Show? That was a different time. He had his own late night show too, but it ended more than ten years ago.

We hadn’t really thought about him in a decade or so until he popped up this week as the new spokesperson for Kraft Mac & Cheese in a CP+B campaign explaining how the product is now better than it once was thanks to the removal of certain preservatives.

What’s with the guy’s voice, though?

Last year, before the Kraft-Heinz mega-merger and the subsequent review of all agency partnerships, Kraft promised to make its best-selling product without all of the artificial ingredients whose names you can’t remember. The company’s strategy for promoting that shift was to wait until the new and improved boxes of mac had already been on the shelves for three months, hence the “It already happened, and you didn’t even notice!” theme of this campaign.

Here’s the making-of clip that explains the strategy. We like the “real mac & cheese lovers who knew they might be in this video.”

We all know that no one eats Kraft Mac & Cheese for its health properties, so this is kind of like eliminating gluten for all the millions of folks who think they might possibly be a little intolerant or putting up “No GMOs” signs on produce when no one really even knows what that means.

But the company came up with a clever way to promote its not-rebranding efforts: removing all the things people are scared of without them even noticing, then joking about it throughout the new marketing campaign.

So people who thought they might need to stay away from Kraft products now feel reassured. The press release calls the experiment “the world’s largest ‘blind taste test.‘”

Will this stop the company’s “sluggish” growth in the U.S.? Probably not. But it’s a pretty good way to appeal to people who don’t necessarily trust your product without being blatantly condescending.

We still can’t figure out Craig Kilborn, though. Either people in their 40s remember him or Kraft just didn’t want to spend much money on a spokesperson.


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