CP+B Alums Launch Crowdsourcing-Based Agency

By Kiran Aditham 

With crowdsourcing all the rage these days (hey, even Levar Burton’s hooked), CP+B alums John Winsor and Evan Fry have announced the launch of Victors & Spoils, a new Boulder-based agency that will be tethered to the principles of digital community task delegation. Winsor and Fry, who have been fairly hush-hush since tendering their resignations at CP+B just a few weeks ago, will serve as CEO and CCO, respectively. Joining the pair is Claudia Batten, founder of in-game ad firm Massive (later acquired by Microsoft), who will serve as Chief Operating Officer.

According to the announce, V&S’ “fresh agency model” is not only intended to deliver engagement, ROI and desired results that crowdsourcing supposedly provides, but they will address perceived crowdsourcing flaws via the creative direction of the reputation-ranked Victors & Spoils crowd. On his blog, Winsor explains the reputation part, saying “People will not only be rewarded by the solutions they develop both individually and as a group but also for participating in the community, itself, and helping others develop their skills and talent. In an effort to guide this participation, members of the creative department will earn a reputation ranking that will help determine a share of the revenue from each project.”

In a statement, Fry adds:

“The stage is set for a new model to rise up and permanently disrupt the traditional agency structure–whether that’s a digital agency, a traditional agency or some kind of hybrid. And with the engagement, connectivity and creativity of communities today, this kind of shift is inevitable. Is crowdsourcing the answer? Maybe not in its current state. But if we build on its principles by including planning, strategy, insightful brief creation and great creative direction–while attracting and truly rewarding the best creatives –it can be a fundamental part of what we see as a potential revolution. But you still have to give your clients partnership, guidance and direction. And they still want and need a human face. Oh, and they also have to like you. We believe we can deliver this combination.”

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